Migrating Cranes

It is not light we need, but fire; it is not the gentle shower, but thunder. We need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake.
-Fredrick Douglass-


This work is a manifestation of the relationship between man and crane examined introspectively. The Crane has become a characteristic of the Maltese islands and essentially every country currently under development. The Crane has transcended into an icon that now forms the Maltese skylines and sunset silhouettes alongside our churches and apartment buildings.
The work tackles both sides of the coin, the relationship towards cranes. One aspect is a fascination and astonishment and the raw awesome power of this structure to the point that its movements and action of land shifting become so realistic that it is easy for one to forget that they are in fact a man made, man- controlled structure.
The other element of the project includes a fear, a fear of something larger than you, of something that can perform actions that you cannot. A fear of a structure that can generate more structures and populate a natural landscape.
This portrayal is could almost be explained as a borderline sublime experience, where one is both afraid and fascinated by something.

The concept of an effigy is explored; that is to create a mimicking figure that represents an object with the intention to be set on fire.
The work also addresses the issue of the Mosta development of showrooms on historical land with the reason being the site is of ‘low historical value’.

Video of the three cranes catching Fire